Meeting a range of needs

The Living Room seeks to ensure that the complete needs of those accessing our services are met.

To this end we endeavour to work with a wide range of local services to ensure that those gaining recovery from addiction have all the appropriate support that they need in order to sustain a life free of drugs, alcohol and addictive behaviours.

The Living Room provides the following services (further details of which can be seen via the drop down menu):

All those attending The Living Room are allocated a member of staff to co-ordinate the counselling, care and support they receive – ensuring that each recovery journey is in line with the needs of the individual.

Please call 01438 355649 for an initial assessment at our Stevenage Centre  Please call 01727 854479 for an initial assessment at our St Albans Centre
Addiction Recovery Services (Stevenage) Daily counselling and educational groups for all addictions and also separate groups for Relationship (Love and Sex) Addiction ,Eating Disorders, Illicit Drugs.We also provide one to one counselling on request to those   attending one or more of the above requests Addiction Recovery Services (St Albans) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:Daily counselling and educational sessions to address all addictions. With different themes explored on a daily basis including the role of relationships and food in recovery.Tuesday afternoon (Addictions and the Family) – Family members welcome too,


Family Services   (Stevenage)Family and Friends Group Happy Days Playroom   (Free on-site Creche) Parenting Support Service Couples and Family   Counselling (On-request) Family Services (St   Albans) Thursday – Family and Friends groups (Family and Friends only)Tuesday PM – Addiction and the family (joint workshops for clients in recovery and their family members)
Other local services   in the Stevenage areaFAMILY PLANNING- Tel: 01438 351786Druglink Tel: 01923 260133
One to one counselling, (including HIV), harm reduction, residential rehab,   structured day care, group therapy, advice & support & aftercare.

RELATE – 01727 858126
Marriage Guidance

CRUSE – 0844 477 9400
Bereavement Support

The Samaritans—Tel 0345 909090

Citizens Advice Bureau – 08444 111   444

Other local services   in the  St Albans area (Information to soon follow)