Parent support

We provide support and advocacy for those accessing our services who are parents with children on the ‘protection register’, including those with children who are in ‘looked after care’.   The project works with approximately six parents and their children a year and in the following areas:

  • Attending  core group and case meetings
  • Attending meetings and maintain contacts with social workers
  • Providing advocacy, outreach and phone calls with the client
  • Encouraging positive parenting and develop wider life skills through key-working
  • Liaising with relevant support agencies
  • Attending court cases as required

Since our establishment in May 2000, we have seen 32 children returned to their parents from ‘looked after care’ and many taken off the child-protection register.

Case Study

Helena (name changed) had for many years been addicted to heroin. Her first child had been removed from her care when Helena had been sentenced to imprisonment. She came to The Living Room after giving birth to her second child who she was able to look after only upon condition of her continued attendance in recovery services. Over the many months during which she attended The Living Room she continued to abstain from drug use and her child was removed from the ‘protection register’. Today Helena is attending University and undertaking an honours degree.