Need help with an addiction?

Recovery from addiction is possible – we have seen it so many times.

There is hope, however bad you feel things have got.

If you have had enough of addiction and want to aim for recovery then we are here for you.

We run daily group therapy sessions that will enable you to pick up a range of effective tools that will help you in a new life of recovery.

We use a range of approaches that touch on the emotional, spiritual, social and thinking aspect of recovery.

We do ask that you make a commitment to achieve a goal of abstinence. You do not have to be free of your addictive behaviour when joining us, but having a shared goal of abstinence within the groups has a very powerful motivational and supportive effect on everyone’s recovery.

If you choose not to commit to the goal of abstinence at the moment then we can refer you, in a supportive and non-judgmental manner, to local harm-reduction/stabilisation services as appropriate.

Those who relapse/drop out of our service are welcome back and their relapse is used as a tool for learning.

All our group Counsellors are all fully qualified (diploma level or higher) and have been in recovery from addiction for at least eight years.