Our Mission and Goals

Effective psychotherapeutic interventions in both group and one-to-one settings that enables people to:

Renounce and abstain from their drug of choice/addictive behaviour;

Repair their lives through learning new ways of thinking, interacting and being;

Restore their lives through the application of tools learnt at The Living Room; and

Renew their lives through loving and growing in their new-found freedom.

Services that enable new lives to be built

We support clients in rebuilding their lives through supporting them with life-skills; accessing education and employment; providing volunteering opportunities in a range of settings; and with advocacy across a wide range of issues.

Services that support the healing of families

We see it as equally important that the family and friends of those with addiction are given the support that they need during their loved ones recovery. We therefore provide support for the family and friends of those with addictions, couple counselling, family mediation and advocacy to reunite parents with children in ‘looked after care’. ­

Services that help the children of families touched by addiction

In order that those with preschool children can access our services we run an Ofsted registered Crèche that enables pre-school children to be overall better prepared for school. We also provide support and advocacy for parents who have children on the ‘Child Protection Register’, including those whose children are in ‘looked after care’.